W2 Envelopes

When tax season rolls around, you don’t need any additional hassles or stress. That’s why Easy Order Printing is here to make it as easy as possible to bulk-order tax form envelopes for your business. If you’re sending out employee W2s, the last thing you want to worry about is having enough envelopes!

Tax Form Envelopes

We are envelope specialists, offering a range of envelope sizes and styles to meet any personal or business need. One specialty product we offer are tax form envelopes, which are the perfect size to accommodate tax forms with no bending or risk of tearing.

We have both a 1099 envelope and W-2 envelope. These tax document envelopes are the same size, measuring 8.75” x 5.625” and feature two glassine windows for the address and return address. The difference between the two envelope styles is the size of the window: the W-2 double windows are slightly larger than those on the 1099 envelope, allowing for correct visibility of the printed form.

Bulk Orders and Customizable Envelopes

All of our envelopes are made-to-order in our in-house facility, allowing us to ensure quality control and efficiency in our processes. This helps us keep costs down without sacrificing the durability and quality of our product. It also helps us pass those savings on to you!

When ordering, please choose how many boxes of envelopes you’ll need. Pricing indicates quantities of 250 envelopes per box, with bulk discounts available for large orders. In addition to tax form envelopes, you can also place an order for fully customized, pre-printed business envelopes!

For questions, or to ask about anything not shown on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call 844-204-5181 with questions, or order online today!

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2000$ 503.08
2500$ 611.21
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